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Our Motto is Stay Safe. Stay Positive. Stay Sexy.


What we are About:

We focus on Superior Selection, with even hunting down customer requested products that we haven't added to our selection yet, and Superior Customer Service.


Our Main Missions:

  • Help with Healthy Sexual Exploration
  • Build a Community of knowledge that supports ALL.
  • We Love ALL. We strive to reduce hatreds, EVERYWHERE we can. Reach out to us with your story, and suggestions on the difference we can make.
  • Support prostate or breast cancer awareness non-profit organizations. A percent of profits go towards: National Breast Cancer Foundation:
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation: Become Healthy: Mind, Body, and Soul. A Great sexual experience begins in the Mind, shakes the Body, and energizes the Soul. To achieve this it is beneficial to pursue great Health in all areas.

BH Rewards Program:

Our website is community based and has a rewards program when purchasing toys and when referring new customers.
  • Purchases: 5 BH Points for every $1 spent;  to redeem BH points: Order discount 100 Points = $1
  • Referring Customer Reward:  $5 off coupon
  • Referred Friend Reward: $5 off coupon

An equal amount of New points earned by the community each month collectively will be the total dollar amount donated to support Prostate or Breast Cancer Awareness non-profit organizations such as:

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