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Safe Sex Essentials if You Like to Be Kinky in Bed

Safe Sex Essentials if You Like to Be Kinky in Bed

Safe Sex Essentials if You Like to Be Kinky in Bed

The modern media has portrayed safe sex as a term for ‘trying everything you can to not get knocked up or have STDs’ – Well, safe sex is much more than that, it is a lifestyle that is made up of several tiny habits for your sexual health and that of your partner’s. To give you an idea, this article will be covering everything from hand sanitizers, protection rubbers, lubricants, and so on.

What is Safe Sex

On a basic level, safe sex is “protecting you and your partner from contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or an unplanned pregnancy,” according to the dictionary. On a deeper level, safe sex is the compilation of all the habits that protect you and your partner from sexual diseases, unplanned pregnancy, sexual injuries, unpleasant sexual experiences, etc, while dramatically increasing your sex life and health.

by Stephen McConnell on January 30, 2022



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