by Stephen McConnell on February 25, 2022



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3)     Strength and Flexibility Training

Do you want to look cool, live longer, stronger and healthier, and improve your sexual life? Well, the best [if not the only] way to make good on those is to work on your strength and flexibility.

Strength and flexibility workouts make you do what you do every day much easier; leading altogether to greater efficiency in your life. They maintain your body weight, defend your muscles and bones, reduce the danger of getting injured, bump up your energy levels, and relieve stress; lightening your mood.

Strength and flexibility workouts also aid in reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease and so on.

And ultimately, since strength and flexibility workouts are a type of Sexercise, they of course help to improve your sexual performance.

Here are some Strength and Flexibility workout options:

  • Yoga

Yoga helps to make better your balance, heighten your strength, and enhance firmness of your muscles. And since there are some yoga poses that you can very well adopt during sex if you happen to be the adventurous type, Yoga helps to improve the flexibility of your body for doing so.

  • Pilates

Pilates are workouts that are generally performed on a floor mat or with the use of specialized apparatus. They help to improve flexibility and stability by strengthening [especially the torso-stabilizing] muscles of the abdomen and lower back.

  • Weight-Lifting

Weight-Lifting of course heightens your sexual stamina and necessarily increases your muscle mass, making you look and feel cool. This is important for sexual participants who identify as male, who would want to lift or carry their partner while changing position or anything during sex.

Also, studies have shown that short intense workouts like weight-lifting can increase your level of testosterone, and increased level of testosterone ultimately leads to increased level of sexual arousal.

  • Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness combines stretching style workouts, core moves that evolved from Pilates, exciting aerial challenges, yoga-based poses, and many more, to help create new brain-body connections and make you feel more assured of yourself during sex.

  • Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises like Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, knee tucks, leg raises, and squats strengthen the muscles of the mid-region of your torso, your pelvic floor, and the lower parts of your body.


There, you have our billion-dollar secrets to the exercises you could do to improve your Sexual Health... You may go on now and enjoy!