What To Do For Long Lasting Sex

by Stephen McConnell on April 14, 2022

Do you have problems lasting the distance during sex and leaving your wife satisfied? If it is a problem for you, I am sure you would like to make it stop forever and start enjoying the most durable sex every night. After all, no woman would want to stay with a man who can never satisfy her wishes in bed, and she surely does not want to see her wife or girlfriend get away from you!

In fact, there are many ways to improve your sexuality. Most boys become medicines or drugs to give their resistance in bed a very necessary impulse. However, there are more natural forms to help you avoid premature ejaculation during sex and make you more sexually in bed.

Here are 5 of the easiest steps you can take to achieve a better power of permanence and make it last longer in sex:


Do not omit the previous games in sex

Many boys make the mistake of thinking that the previous game is unnecessary during sex and ends up diving directly into the actual act of sexual relations. Now, especially when he is struggling with premature ejaculation, participating in more previous games and even oral sex in her can play to his advantage. Previous games and Cunnilingus allow time to adequately satisfy your wife in advance and make it easier for you to achieve orgasm. At the same time, relieves her genitals from an early stimulation, allowing him to maintain control of her excitement. Combined, you will add several more minutes to your stay power while simultaneously leaving your wife much more sexually satisfied!


Try different sexual positions

Believe it or not, the positions in which you make the love of your partner can determine how far it can last before blowing your load. This is because the level of stimulation in its genitals varies in the different positions that participate in sex. In most cases, the positions where you are lying on your back with your wife at the top of work in reducing the amount of sexual stimulation on you. This is because the thrust up creates less friction in the sensitive nodes of your penis. Experience the many positions on the bed and find the one that works best to help you avoid premature ejaculation and get more durable sex!


Have more sex with pratner or sex toys.

We all know that the more sex you have more time it lasts. Then, if you ejaculate the next time do not worry about that, just keep it happy with your fingers or tongue until you can continue. It will last a lot, much longer the second time. try with your partner or you can use sex toys for sex practice. We will also prefer using sex toys because you can use them anyways you want and also it will help you to increase your stamina. Then you will surely perform well in bed. And also if you are searching for Sex Toys visit our collection. you will get all types of sex toys you want. and we are providing 20% off discount code: FIRST20

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Chemical-based delay products.

The most popular of these is the delay spray, which contains chemical products that adore quickly. These aerosols are super if the ejaculation is extremely fast, but the fact that they are numb agents means that they can not feel anything during intercourse.


Enjoy a pleasure

Believe it or not some orgasms of women very quickly during sex and use this technique, as well as men. Basically, it simply masturbates 10 or 15 minutes before having sex. The "need" for ejaculation will no longer be present and one can only enjoy sex without worrying.


So if it is serious about wanting to last several times during the sex of what it is capable of, I urge you to start learning and practice.