Third in Series: A Nervous First

by Stephen McConnell on February 18, 2022

I cummed in his mouth. I could feel it was so much. I never ever cummed that much in my life, my eyes started closing, and he was still sucking my dick so badly. He even licked the last drop of my cum.

After a few minutes, I started getting my consciousness back. He was lying beside me and was looking at my face. "How was it, my naughty student?" He asked. It was amazing, teacher," I said quickly.

This time, I felt so comfortable, so I grabbed his neck and started kissing his lips. This time, he used his tongue the same tongue he was using a few moments back in my virgin ass. I grabbed his dick and started rubbing it on my palm. It was soo warm and hard. I never ever thought I would get a chance to have fun with such a big dick. Suck your teacher's dick," he said in my ear.

I was so horny that time I laid him on the bed and started kissing on each part and finally came on the dick. I measured it with my elbow. It was 2 inches smaller than it. Approximately 8 and a half inches big and 3 inches thick. It was a lump of complete meat.

I was just watching it when he pushed my head towards its tip. I opened my mouth and started sucking it. He was moaning with pleasure. "You are sucking soo good, you little pervert."

I was enjoying his vulgar language. Suddenly he took out his dick and started slapping it on my face. It was so amazing. I always want someone to hurt me. To give me pain. "Please slap me harder, teacher. I want you to give me more pain." He got shocked for a while and suddenly laughed. He started slapping me much harder. He took his dick to a side and stroked it back to my chicks. I could feel the swelling of my cheeks. He started to fuck my mouth again. "Can you try to take it deeper?" He asked. I moved my head in a yes. He gave a stroke, and the tip of his dick smacked in my throat. I started cuffing. He enjoyed it and did the same thing, 4-5 times. I always pushed him away from me, from his thighs. He got angry and took his dick away from my mouth, and walked towards the side of his bed table. He opened the cupboard and took wrist manacles, and tied my hand with it. "I don't like disobeying, and now I will get you punished, you fucking little ass hole."

He spitted on my face and slapped me on my face twice. I started screaming. "I will put that ten inches dildo in your ass in a single stroke if you didn't stop screaming." He said angrily. I gathered myself and kept quiet for a while. He was so cruel. I always wanted someone to pop my cheery with love, but things were way different in reality. Do you wanna try stim? He asked.

I didn't know what that was. I was so confused and said, "what is that?"

He walked towards his cupboard and took out a small gadget with a remote and a chain-like thing.

He asked me to lay towards the bed in the doggy style. He covered my whole ass hole with oil and started to put his finger in it. It was hurt, and I imagined how I would take that monster cook in it. He went 2 inches inside me. I screamed, please stop. Don't worry, sweetheart, you will be worth it. He stroked and put his all finger in me. He didn't move for a while. My eyes were closed, but I could feel his thick finger moving inside me. Soon I was comfortable enough. I grabbed his dick in my hand and started masturbating it.

He took out his finger and entered something so hard and thick. I was just wondering if his dick was in my hand than what it could be, and suddenly I felt it started getting thicker. It was the same thing he took out from the cupboard….. to be continued