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Second in Series: A Nervous First

Second in Series: A Nervous First

Second in Series: A Nervous First

That ten inches dildo was of black color. I could see the veins and texture of that dildo; it was close to a real dick. “Have you ever tried anything like this before?” He murmured in my ears. I haven't seen a dildo in real. He smiled and started sucking my dick again.

I could feel pressure on the tip of my dick like something was about to explode. I resisted him and told him my situation. He started sucking my dick more vigorously. Suddenly, he stopped, spit a huge amount of saliva on his hand, and started rubbing it on his Ass hole. Then he sucked the dildo, and once it was all wet and slippery, he entered it into his butt hole. His eyes went stretched open as the dildo was half going down. He stopped pushing it further and started licking my nipples.

by Stephen McConnell on February 04, 2022
First in Series: A Nervous First

First in Series: A Nervous First

First in Series: A Nervous First

He smiled and came across me. I was so nervous, and finally, he offered me a drink. He might have had an experience and initially judged me and asked if I was free and wanted to have some fun with him. It was my first time.

Still, I managed and said to him a yes. He had a couple of shots, and then he asked me to dance with him. I accepted and moved towards the dance floor. He grabbed me from my waist and started shaking my booty with his hands, and of a sudden, he came soo close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

by Stephen McConnell on January 30, 2022



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