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Third in Series: A Nervous First

Third in Series: A Nervous First

Third in Series: A Nervous First

I cummed in his mouth. I could feel it was so much. I never ever cummed that much in my life, my eyes started closing, and he was still sucking my dick so badly. He even licked the last drop of my cum.

After a few minutes, I started getting my consciousness back. He was lying beside me and was looking at my face. "How was it, my naughty student?" He asked. It was amazing, teacher," I said quickly.

This time, I felt so comfortable, so I grabbed his neck and started kissing his lips. This time, he used his tongue the same tongue he was using a few moments back in my virgin ass. I grabbed his dick and started rubbing it on my palm. It was soo warm and hard. I never ever thought I would get a chance to have fun with such a big dick. Suck your teacher's dick," he said in my ear.

by Stephen McConnell on February 18, 2022
First in Series: A Nervous First

First in Series: A Nervous First

First in Series: A Nervous First

He smiled and came across me. I was so nervous, and finally, he offered me a drink. He might have had an experience and initially judged me and asked if I was free and wanted to have some fun with him. It was my first time.

Still, I managed and said to him a yes. He had a couple of shots, and then he asked me to dance with him. I accepted and moved towards the dance floor. He grabbed me from my waist and started shaking my booty with his hands, and of a sudden, he came soo close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

by Stephen McConnell on January 30, 2022
Online date/ Tinder fantasies

Online date/ Tinder fantasies

Online date/ Tinder fantasies

Are you sure you want to meet a downright stranger you spoke to on the internet and allow him to make love to your body? Are youvery sure?

This is how it is gonna begin the second, you get there:

He will grab you in his arms and cut off your lovely outfit and tie you up for extreme fun.

Your ankles are bound at the legs of the chair and your hands behind your back while a silky blindfold covers your eyes. An algid breeze through the window moves over your exposed body, causing you to shiver lightly. The blindfold is too dark for you to notice even the faint shadow of that person. And despite straining your ears, my baby doll, all you can hear is your heartbeat.

by Stephen McConnell on January 22, 2022



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