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Online date/ Tinder fantasies

Online date/ Tinder fantasies

Online date/ Tinder fantasies

Are you sure you want to meet a downright stranger you spoke to on the internet and allow him to make love to your body? Are youvery sure?

This is how it is gonna begin the second, you get there:

He will grab you in his arms and cut off your lovely outfit and tie you up for extreme fun.

Your ankles are bound at the legs of the chair and your hands behind your back while a silky blindfold covers your eyes. An algid breeze through the window moves over your exposed body, causing you to shiver lightly. The blindfold is too dark for you to notice even the faint shadow of that person. And despite straining your ears, my baby doll, all you can hear is your heartbeat.

by Stephen McConnell on January 22, 2022
Her best friend

Her best friend

She had just turned eighteen, so her attentions really started to stray to other things. When her friend came over, she would just parade around the house in her skirt, often a bit on the smaller side to lure him into an unexplored world. Her white top stretched a little across her fully grown breasts, whereas her skirt, which came to a halt above her knees, showed off her legs.
by Stephen McConnell on January 13, 2022
She's My Dirty Little Toy

She's My Dirty Little Toy

"I am going to show you what it really means to belong to someone."

His words washed over her, and all she could focus on was the warm, tingling feelings rising inside her.

'Now, I am going to start by showing you what a good little toy I know you can be for me."

He suddenly takes a firm hold on her and pushes her back on the couch they have been making out on for what felt like hours. She likes this so much that she smiles and hangs her head in a sigh.

"You wore these just for me, didn't you? You can really be a good, little dirty girl. Sorry, my dirty little girl. Aren't you, baby?"

by Stephen McConnell on January 04, 2022



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