She's My Dirty Little Toy

by Stephen McConnell on January 04, 2022

"I am going to show you what it really means to belong to someone."

His words washed over her, and all she could focus on was the warm, tingling feelings rising inside her.

'Now, I am going to start by showing you what a good little toy I know you can be for me."

He suddenly takes a firm hold on her and pushes her back on the couch they have been making out on for what felt like hours. She likes this so much that she smiles and hangs her head in a sigh.

"You wore these just for me, didn't you? You can really be a good, little dirty girl. Sorry, my dirty little girl. Aren't you, baby?"

The smirk that follows his words makes the feeling he can give her vagina with just the simplest of glances multiply tenfold, and she can't really help but squirm beneath him, which only makes him grin more.

"But baby, I am afraid you are not going to need these," he breathes against her thighs as he lifts the hem of her saree up her legs.

He takes a deep breath against what is now her soaking wet panties, taking in her musky scent from behind before slowly pulling them down. She glances to see him using his teeth to help and uncontrollably lets out a soft moan in anticipation of what's about to happen. She really likes when he is in this mode as she can't easily predict what will happen next.

"Bend over."

She does as she is told without hesitation. His lips rest against her vagina. She can't see them but feels the pressure of his breathing and soft kisses between her vaginal lips.

"You know what? I think I have changed my mind. Maybe these could come in handy after all."

His words confuse her. What? My panties? Before she can ponder a moment further, she feels the item in question shoved into her tight ass.

"You are going to be well used like the perfect toy you are," and with that, he shoves his penis deep inside her vagina without any buildup whatsoever.

She wiggles her gorgeous ass at him as she grabs her by her hair and pounds in and out of her tight vagina. As he pounds in and out of her, she meets him back, moving her ass cheeks as he rails her from behind. She takes every inch of his manhood and begs for more. She tightens her vaginal lips around it as she'd learned to do, whereas he keeps giving her more.

Her juices start flowing so freely now that even his swinging balls get wet. His hard penis pistons in and out of her heated vagina as both of them make enough noise to wake the dead. In and out, harder and faster, he pumps his throbbing manhood deep inside her needy slit. He yells out that he is about to cum, and she does something she would never do before.

She turns back, takes his pulsating penis in her mouth, and gulps it down her gullets, letting his hot, sticky cum coat her tonsils.

She sucks his glistening penis as if that is the only thing she likes in her mouth: veins lacing it round and topped by a large domed head, cum leaking from it.