Second in Series: A Nervous First

by Stephen McConnell on February 04, 2022

That ten inches dildo was of black color. I could see the veins and texture of that dildo; it was close to a real dick. “Have you ever tried anything like this before?” He murmured in my ears. I haven't seen a dildo in real. He smiled and started sucking my dick again.

I could feel pressure on the tip of my dick like something was about to explode. I resisted him and told him my situation. He started sucking my dick more vigorously. Suddenly, he stopped, spit a huge amount of saliva on his hand, and started rubbing it on his Ass hole. Then he sucked the dildo, and once it was all wet and slippery, he entered it into his butt hole. His eyes went stretched open as the dildo was half going down. He stopped pushing it further and started licking my nipples.

I thought I was about to burst. He was so experienced in licking. He started going down with his tongue, eventually stopped at my dick tip, and looked into my eye. I could feel the evil inside him. He again started licking from the tip of my dick to the balls, and then he pushed my both legs apart and lifted them a bit. He started licking my ass. "Are you enjoying it, you little pervert ass hole?" he said passionately. I was soo lost in the ecstasy that I was answering in my mind. He was stroking with his tight and straight long tongue in my ass hole. After a while, he started sucking my ass.

He came up and started kissing me on my lips in a while. He spitted all the juice of my ass into my mouth. "Taste your shit and see how much juice your ass is!"

While kissing, he put his middle finger in my mouth and asked me to lick it like a bitch!

I started following his orders, and once it was all wet, he took his finger out and said," Are you ready for the opening ceremony?"

"Yes, I am, master!" I replied. He slowly pushed his finger in my tight ass hole. It hurt a bit, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

He gently slid it in and out, and I was soo comfortable. He suddenly started sliding deeper into my ass.

He held my hand and took it below to his dick. I closed my eyes and started to grip it hardly. He pushed my hand to and fro and said wank me. I started wanking him, and I started to wank him harder for a moment. "You are a naughty student with quick learning tricks!"…. Do you wanna taste your teacher's dick? He asked with a naughty smile on his face.

I didn't answer. He suddenly changed his position and came on me in 69 positions. Now his 7 inches huge dick was in front of me. It was my first time trying to suck a dick. I have seen this in many porn movies and always wondered how it will feel to taste such a strong and hard dick. He held his dick in his hand and aimed the tip towards my mouth. I could see his precum dripping from the tip of his dick. "Don't forget to move that dildo while sucking your teacher's dick! The way you will move it will decide how you want it later". After saying this, he started to suck my dick, and I had no control over myself anymore. I WAS SOO HORNY. I wanted to tear my teacher's mouth apart. And I really don't remember when I started sucking his dick.

You are a naughty guy. You know how to satisfy your gay teacher! Don't you?" We sucked each other dick for five more minutes. When I knew I was going to explode any second. "I am going to cum." I shouted. Cum in your teacher's mouth, I want to taste my naughty student's sperm….