Online date/ Tinder fantasies

by Stephen McConnell on January 22, 2022

Are you sure you want to meet a downright stranger you spoke to on the internet and allow him to make love to your body? Are youvery sure?

This is how it is gonna begin the second, you get there:

He will grab you in his arms and cut off your lovely outfit and tie you up for extreme fun.

Your ankles are bound at the legs of the chair and your hands behind your back while a silky blindfold covers your eyes. An algid breeze through the window moves over your exposed body, causing you to shiver lightly. The blindfold is too dark for you to notice even the faint shadow of that person. And despite straining your ears, my baby doll, all you can hear is your heartbeat.

And then suddenly, without any warning, you start feeling a pair of lips working from the base of your neck to your ear and then back down to your bare shoulder blades. This brings a big smile to your bewildered face and causes you to squeak in surprise.

The squeak turns into a whimper as soon as the stranger's lips get pulled away from you.

You crane your neck in search of him but to no avail. Once again you get wrapped in full darkness with no sound of anyone else in the room. As you begin thinking about what's going on, a hard, dripping prick just brushes your cheek.

A large stream of precum covers your lips, but within seconds, it gets licked by you, savoring the taste as long as you can.

You start begging him to let you taste his prick, and that is when. he unties your hands. You bring your hand near the blindfold and remove it instantly to find a big, erected todger only inches away from your luscious lips.

You retrieve his throbbing prick with a giggle and then unleash your lizard-like tongue right on the tiny slit of his thing.

You lick the clear liquid from the tip of his todger and then engulf it in one smooth motion until it hits the back of your mouth and his balls kiss your lips.

(The best thing about a proper suck is that no matter how many times a guy is blessed with it, he will feel like he's in heaven every time his hard manhood enters a female oral cavity.)

On top of the amazing feeling of his raging prick sliding back and forth over your wet tongue and in between your cheeks, just the sight of your lovely face bobbing back and forth over his hard-on is enough to make him flood your mouth with warm, sticky juices. Beads of saliva drip down the corner of your lips as you start sucking it as tardily as you can while fondling his ball.

You pull his hard-on out of your mouth, leaving overlong strands of your spit from your lips to his prick. You stare at his thing and then quickly gobble the tip while using your hands to milk every ounce of cum from that unknown Instagrammer's prick. You watch it pulsate as a glob of sticky cum oozes from his tiny slit, and then starts flowing out all over those firm bubbies of yours.