Her best friend

by Stephen McConnell on January 13, 2022

She heard his car coming up to her place, stopping right at the gate. As usual, she looked out from her bedroom casement and watched as he walked up to the door and let himself inside. This had been their Saturday routine for a few weeks now. She gathered herself and took a deep, relaxing breath before proceeding with her plan: to finally lose her cherry to her male best friend.

She had just turned eighteen, so her attentions really started to stray to other things. When her friend came over, she would just parade around the house in her skirt, often a bit on the smaller side to lure him into an unexplored world. Her white top stretched a little across her fully grown breasts, whereas her skirt, which came to a halt above her knees, showed off her legs.

As soon as he entered the house, he was welcomed with hugs and forehead kisses. She made him a strong drink and one for herself and sat back down on the couch. He was busy having a talk with her when she casually lifted her legs up into the couch without even pulling her short skirt and afforded him a nice view of her panties and possibly a few wisps of her pubic hairs.

She looked him right in the eye and started to slowly slither her hand over her panties. He found himself wondering how far she was gone when that girl suddenly stood up and began walking towards him.

“Can I rest my ass on your lap?”

She pleaded. He looked up at her and seemed to be thinking for a brief moment.

She had a decent, round ass. The sculpted curve of her young ass cheeks met the smooth flesh of her upper thighs like a work of art. But before he could even say a word, she impudently brushed her ass across his face.

Then she went on to sit on his lap, but not before pulling down his pants which barely managed to cover his growing bulge.

As the flesh of her bums pressed against his semi-hard penis, he instinctively closed his eyes. Ass cheeks were all around his lap, whereas his thick penis started looking for a way to get inside her tight and poundable vagina. She could feel his penis through her panties because she started grinding on him right away. She moved her hips back and forth, and he grabbed her ass.

Then she stood up from his lap and asked him to look out the window. He was not sure what she was talking about, but he did as she asked, and while he was distracted, she reached beneath her short skirt and took off her panties.

“Here they are.” She smiled as she simply handed him her panties and crawled up on the bed.

She spread her legs wide apart and waited while he lubricated his penis with gobs of saliva and lined it up with her vagina, and stuck the head in slightly just to get the feel of its gently breaking the hymen. He sensed she felt a little pain and eased it in slowly as she felt her dripping vagina stretching and relishing the new experience of getting manhood inside her for the first time and guess who the lucky guy is… Her best friend.