Fourth in Series: A Nervous First

by Stephen McConnell on March 18, 2022


It was burning at first, but then he started kissing me on my neck. And pleasing my back, damn, I never felt anything good like that before. My body hairs arose, and I wanted it deeper. He moved that for a while, and then he stopped and left the toy in my ass.

Do you want to fuck your teacher's ass? He asked.

It was the first time I was going to fuck someone. I was a bit nervous. He revolted me and got on his knees, and started sucking me again. In a few minutes, I was so hard and ready to conquer his ass.

"In which position do you wanna fuck your teacher's ass?" He asked.

I asked him to lay down on the bed and his ass off.

He did the same and started shaking his ass to make me hornier. I came to him, and he put a pillow under his middle and raised that ass for me. The hole was moving, and I could imagine how many dicks that guy has taken in it till now. I spitted on his ass hole and placed the tip of my dick on his ass, and stroked.

"Aaah Aah Aaah, be gentle, you little pervert." He moaned.

My half dick was in his ass, and it was so hot and invited me to go more.

I started moving while grabbing his head hairs, and after a few minutes. I made another stroke and got my dick all in his ass.

Aam…. Aaah…...fuck me… please…. Don't stop…... please…... I am begging you…. Fuck me as much as you want…... I am your dirty slut for today…... please fuck me….

He was moaning so loud now.

I started fucking his ass. I got some new feelings. I never felt the way I am feeling today. It was an ocean of pleasure.

Fuck me harder, student, your teacher wants to feel that harder…. He screamed with joy.

I was so horny and passionate at that time. I started stroking my full cock in his ass. I was using my full force. But he was a professional, and he didn't get much affected by my strokes.

Now I also wanted to get fucked. I could see how much he enjoys taking my dick. I want to be at his place. After a few minutes, he asked me to stop, and as I went back, he suddenly turned and started sucking my dick. I love your hard dick, you dirty little student," he said aggressively.

Do you want to try my favorite position?" He asked.

I waved my head in yes.

He asked me to lay down on the bed, and he came right across me and started rubbing my rock-hard dick between his ass and thighs after a moment. He started kissing my nipples. It was so tempting. I was enjoying the dream of my life. He was soo good at whatever he did.

He took his two fingers in his mouth and started licking them after getting a lot of saliva. He rubbed it to my dick and in his ass.

And grabbed my dick firmly and placed it on his ass hole.

He gave me a single stroke and ate all my dick in it.

He moved his head towards the roof and opened his mouth.

I could hear the little moaning, and he started moving.

In a while, he started moving fast, and his legs started shaking.

I was about to explode, grabbed his ass with my hands, and asked him to move faster. He obeyed my order and started moving faster.

I am Cumming, I am Cumming…. I screamed with full joy.

He never stopped and started kissing my neck and body.

I was not in this world. I was feeling soo blessed and tired. We laid down on each other, and after a few minutes, he asked me. "How was it?"

I was just smiling. I didn't have words to explain my joy….

"Don't worry, I will fuck your ass now, student. Do you want your teacher to take your virginity?"

He pushed out that toy from my ass and opened the cheeks of my ass to examine. “Yes, now your ass hole is ready for my big dick”, he shouted with joy. “What’s your dream position to lose your virginity, you little pervert?”

I don’t know, teacher, which pose will give me the best pleasure?’. I asked with a kinky smile on my face. “Do you want me to decide how I want to take your virgin ass?”. He asked with sparkling eyes to me. I waved my head in yes.

He asked me to get in the doggy style position and said he would fuck me from behind while my ass was up in the air. I was a bit nervous, to be frank.

I followed his directions and flipped for him. He raised my ass much higher in the air and lubricated his dick with oil. It was all shiny and hard. I was getting water in my mouth.

He settled his dick in my ass hole and gently pushed it right in my hole. “It’s so thick!” I murmured. He smiled and gave a gentle stroke. His dick cap was in my tight ass now. I moved forward and asked him to take it out. I can’t bear this big piece of meat.

He refused my request, held me from my waist, and gave me another stroke. His half dick was in my ass now. It was way deeper than the previous toy. It was so hard and warm. I was feeling pain and pleasure at the same time. He stopped and started kissing my back for a while, and by one hand, he started wanking my dick. I was erect too.

He started moving his halfway down dick in my ass in a while. In a few movements, I used to that half dick and was in the world of pleasure. I tried to open my eyes, but all in vain. I could feel his dick hardness and veins pumping in my ass hole.

It was soo amazing. I never wondered that one day someone having that big dick will fuck me. I was not in my senses and wanted more of his meat. I started moving my ass towards his dick. He grabbed me harder from my waist and gave me a hard stroke. I was screaming with pain. His whole dick was inside my ass now. It was burning like hell. I felt like he has torn my ass with his dick. It was soo painful. I busted in tears. He kissed my ears from the back and started licking them. “You will be worth everything, my little slut!” He said in my ears.

He stopped for a while and allowed me to gather myself. In a few minutes, I was normal again, he started to move frequently, and now it was all pleasure left. The pain was all gone, and now it was my time to show him, the inner asshole of me. I STARTED TO PUSH MY ASS MUCH faster towards his dick, now I wanted to take each inch of his thick and warm meat.

Do you want to change position?” He asked. “Hell yes, teacher!” I replied. He took his dick out of my ass and laid down on the bed, and asked me to place my back on his chest and get my legs up in the air. This time he asked me to handle his dick and place it on the hole. I placed his dick on my asshole and let him enter my ass. It was not tight as it was before. He started stroking ass my ass. I could see his dick coming in and out of my ass through the mirror placed on the wardrobe. I was looking so sexy and was enjoying his thick dick was getting so easily in my ass. I was on the last step of my pleasure. I thought I would die any second.

But dying while having sex was always my dream…. To be continued