First in Series: A Nervous First

by Stephen McConnell on January 30, 2022

I always knew that I was different from other guys, as these flaming hot chicks don't excite me. I was soo confused by my personality. I have always had an interest in boys and males with a solid body. Yes you are right, I am Gay!

I was in a pub when that guy rolled in… Damn his body, his way of walking, and his attitude. I wanted to be in his arms and want him to kiss every inch of my body. I wished he could have a glance at me and guess what he did.

He smiled and came across me. I was so nervous, and finally, he offered me a drink. He might have had an experience and initially judged me and asked if I was free and wanted to have some fun with him. It was my first time.

Still, I managed and said to him a yes. He had a couple of shots, and then he asked me to dance with him. I accepted and moved towards the dance floor. He grabbed me from my waist and started shaking my booty with his hands, and of a sudden, he came soo close to me that I could feel his warm breath on my neck. "Do you wanna come to my place for some fun?" he asked. I could see that spark in his eyes and how horny he was. I could feel that through his warm hands on my waist. He started grabbing my ass, and I could see the anger on his face. He wanted to tear me apart. "I am still a virgin and never had sex before," I replied.

I thought it was a bad idea, now he will leave me, who wants to take a risk. I started blaming myself. He smiled and said, "then I will be your teacher for tonight. Are you ready for your first class?" and slapped my ass.

He grabbed my hand very firmly and started walking out of the pub. I couldn't understand and started following him. We went in his car, and in no time, he stopped near a building, parked his car in the basement, and we went in the lift. He was staring at me, and my heartbeat was so fast I was feeling like I gonna faint any moment. It was around 3:00 am in the morning, and we were alone in the lift. Suddenly he grabbed me started kissing on my neck. "Are you ready student?" he said. "Yes teacher," I replied.

The lift opened, and we were normal again. The second left apartment was our destination. He opened the door and bowed to welcome me. He asked if I wanted anything. I was so nervous that I couldn't even answer him. "Do you live alone?" I asked. He stared at me for a while and didn't reply. I thought it was a bad idea to ask him at such a moment. We went into the bedroom, and I was just watching his room when he hugged me from the backside and started licking my ear.

I went crazy and resisted a bit. What you said… You are a virgin, right? He whispered in my ear. I could feel his hard dick against my ass, and it was so tight and big. I am a ruthless person. Do you think you can handle me?" he again whispered in my ears. He started taking my shirt off, and then he turned my face against him and started biting my lips so badly. I screamed with pain… I even pushed him back twice. But he was soo intense, and all my resistance was in vain. He threw me on the bed and started taking off his clothes. My body started shaking, and I was not conscious, and now he was in his underwear. I was sitting on the bed when he dragged me towards him and took off my jeans. I didn't wear any innerwear. He looked at my dick. He grabbed it with his hand and started staring at it.

He rolled me over in bed and spooned. He worked his own saliva into his mouth, then spat it onto his hand and rubbed it all over my dick. What's better than your precum getting mixed with your teacher saliva before you slip inside his ass?" he whispered.

I closed my eyes and suddenly heard a vibration. I instantly opened my eyes, and he got a 10-inches vibrating dildo in his hand…. To be continued