Orgasms: 5 Reliable Ways to Know What one feels like?

by Bunny Hump on February 27, 2020

What does an orgasm feel like, and how do you get it?

We always hear how to better sex and better orgasm, but we don’t always want to understand our deepest desires. If someone asks you to describe how an orgasm feels like, you will mumble words and end up saying, “You will just know.” Every woman experiences orgasm differently and not all people will “just know.”An Orgasm can be inaudible, subtle, explosive or something in between. So if you don’t know how you should feel down there, then you are not alone, it is very confusing for so many people.

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is a physical reflect that is brought about by sexual stimulation, mostly of the G-spot or clitoris. You can call it the peak of sexual pleasure. As mentioned earlier, orgasm can be inconsequential or explosive. That is why you should not put so much pressure on yourself about having an orgasm and instead enjoy all the other experiences that come with sex. If you are focused on stimulation, you practice arousing and building up tension and learning to release the tension, and therefore you can have an orgasm.

If you find yourself getting worried if you are having an orgasm, another technique to focus on is to pay attention to how your body reacts when you think you are almost getting there. All women are different, but most of them will have some involuntary psychological responses. You may feel your muscles twitching and your heart rate increasing. That is an orgasm!

How do I orgasm?

Different are stimulated by different sexual approaches bit it all comes down to the clitoris. Some women will need vaginal penetration to achieve orgasm. You may think the clitoris as just a tiny bump on your body, but it has so much on the inside. Just a stimulation of it creates this intense kind of pleasure.

There are other zones that may feel good when touched or kissed, but may not lead to an orgasm. Studies show that a true orgasm comes from genital stimulation and most of the medical practitioners tell you that it stems from the clitoris. However, you need to experiment with yourself and know what gets you to that climax. It can be oral stimulation, rubbing your inner thighs or different things. If you are curious enough, give yourself an orgasm and don’t wait for someone else to give you one.

Do I have an orgasm during sex?

Technically, some women can orgasm during sex, but you don’t necessarily have to climax every time you have sex. Women experience orgasm in different ways. Most women do not reach orgasm through vaginal sex. Many women experience orgasm and pleasure through stimulating the clitoris rather than through vaginal penetration.

However, intimacy and the feeling of getting aroused can be just as pleasurable as having an orgasm. Actually, for some people, this feeling is better than having an orgasm. So you need to enjoy the feeling of arousal.

What happens when you orgasm?

If you have an orgasm, your heart rate increased, and breath changes. You can compare it to reaching the finish line after an intense sprint. When you engage in sexual activity, it is more about performing some aerobic activities. That is why you get to develop that out of breath flushed look

If you have a clitoral or vaginal orgasm, an intensely pleasurable release of sexual tension is followed by contractions of the genital muscles.

Some women will ejaculate when they have a vaginal orgasm. A clear fluid spurts from glands close to the urethra during intense sexual excitement or during orgasm.

Somebody parts will swell, although you won’t notice this because you are busy focusing on sex and pleasure. From your vulva to your breast, some body parts increase in size when you climax. The vagina enlarges making room for sex toy or penis.

You will likely experience more than one orgasm shortly after the first one if you continue getting aroused and stimulated.

Not only do you feel happy and energized after an orgasm, but you get a full-body positive experience that moves all through your body. As a result of this feeling, you will tend to want to cuddle with your partner.

Why didn’t I orgasm?

Not having an orgasm during sex is not a strange thing. According to a study by Cleveland Clinic, only 10% of the women can achieve an orgasm while the remaining percentage has to deal with other factors like how to get there or what sex position to be in.

When you start exploring your sexuality, it may take some time to get there. Continue exploring your body, and you will finally find what makes you happy. Masturbation is the best way to do this. Different pleasures, sensations and rhythms impact people differently. If you are exploring with your partner, there is no harm in asking them to focus on the exact location or sex position.

Orgasm originates from the brain, and therefore stress can affect your ability to climax. You need to feel safe and comfortable to have a good sexual experience. Other things that can inhibit you from climaxing is alcohol and other drugs. Many people have the thought that alcohol enhances sexual experiences. However, a small amount of alcohol makes sex better, but too much alcohol prevents you from having an orgasm. Too much alcohol makes you numb, meaning that you will fail to notice the stimulation.

How do you have an orgasm?

Many people pay attention to wanting an orgasm that they miss the process of getting aroused. So you need to relax. The

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feeling of pleasure is based on how you condition your body. You also need to know your body and how to focus your anatomy to climax.

You also need to strengthen your pelvic floor. Squeezing your vagina and holding it in for few seconds regularly can help in strengthening your pelvic muscles. Trying this during sex can help you orgasm.


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