9 Tips for the Best Long-Distance Relationships

by Bunny Hump on May 08, 2020

With the increased connection of the mobile world, we have opportunities to build relationships and meet people all over the world. With these opportunities, there are high chances of finding love sometimes hundreds and thousands of miles away. Long-distance relationships used to be anomaly often happening later in an established couple. Connecting with the person of your dreams the realizing that they live far away, can bring some sets of challenges for your budding relationship. The question is, can a long-distance relationship really work? What can you do to make sure that you keep the fire burning and ensure that the romance lasts?

  1. Be realistic & set boundaries

When you are in a long-distance relationship, it is essential to cope with your emotions and expectations all at once. Be exact about where the relationship is going, together with more exceptional communication as partners so that you know that you are on the same page.It is always good to set boundaries at the beginning of the relationship. This aspect is more important for long-distance relationships where you don’t get constant reassurance and the help of body language. Talk about how both envision the progress of the relationship, any boundaries you may have, and finally, where you see the relationship going. Casual, no-strings-attached fun relationships and deeply involved, looking-at-a-lifetime-together relationships are good, but you both need to be sure of the type of relationship you’re getting involved in and consent to all its related facets.

  1. Regular communication

Keep in regular contact with your partner. Don’t let too much time go by without staying in touch; keep those romantic fires well stoked.That’s not to say you should bombard your partner with messages and calls at all hours, haranguing them to the point of harassment is, as well as being rude and wrong, a sure-fire way to end the relationship. Your level of contact will ideally be one of the topics discussed when setting your boundaries and needs at the outset. Communicate with your partner about how often you’d like to hear from them –and, if necessary, how much is too much.

  1. Set dates to look forward to

We all need something to look forward to; it makes every day that little bit brighter when you have an extra fun occasion marked on your calendar. A beacon of happiness on the horizon is even more pertinent in a long-distance relationship, where being physically apart from your partner is a tough daily challenge.Set a date in the future, you can both look forward to, whether that’s meeting up once again or even meeting for the first time, depending on how your relationship began. Not only will having the meet-up date gives you both something positive to hang on to in those dark lonely hours, but it will also help you to stay feeling connected to and bonded with your partner. Remember the 10 ways to keep your partner adicted to you.

  1. Maintain absolute honesty

Be completely honest with each other. In a long-distance relationship,mainly, the trust element of a relationship is absolutely relied upon to keep the bond between you absolutely unshakeable. Once you start hiding things from your partner, whether that’s feelings or behaviors, the relationship will begin to crumble.Secrets and lies erode romance and relationships, so maintain absolute honesty no matter what. The future of your partnership relies upon it.

  1. Embrace technology and use couple apps

Modern technology has made things easier. The present couple’s app like We Did It, happy Couple, and Couple gives couples a chance to stay connected and get to know each other. Some other applications help keep the spark alive such as the R-rated. There are multi-purpose applications with built-in-capabilities for partners such as sharing sexy images, working simultaneously on sending virtual kisses, or coordinating to-do lists and calendars.

  1. Toys

Moreover, there are new sex toys that allow couples to have interactive sex while they are apart. They give couples a chance to sync their devices, providing you an interactive experience. Technology has gone as far as letting couples indulging in the most eroticized fantasies by adding an element of virtual reality to the toys. Toys like this can help make partners feel more in tune with their partner during long-distance sex.

  1. Masturbate together

Have fun talking over the phone about the sex toys you want to try together, including remote app sex toys that let you take control of your partner’s pleasure. You can even try to role-play during masturbation sessions over the phone. Additionally, video apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime can help you feel like you’re right there with your partner — even if hundreds of miles separate you. Read about building intimacy with sex toys here.

  1. Send sexy emails

If you are far apart, you may have to brighten each other’s day by sending several steamy photos through email as a form of teasing and foreplay for real-life activities to come. Ensure that the pictures are not very revealing. For instance, send pictures that do not reveal your face. Show just enough to pique interest.

  1. Schedule regular times to connect through phone or Skype

It is essential to schedule the times, so you and your partner know that this is a designated time to connect. Additionally, it is essential to continue living your own life when your partner is away. Your interaction should continue, and you should remain social and carry on as you normally would. If you begin to give up your life to preserve your ongoing relationship, it may lead to frustration and resentment.

When visiting each other, it is essential to make an effort to make the experience as exciting as possible. Don’t only focus on sex during the time apart. Remember that emotional connection is vital in any relationship and sex as well. Always communicate your dreams, ideas, excitements for the future, and what you love about your partner beyond their sexy parts.


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