Safest Sex Toys: 6 of the Best Types of Materials to Look For

by Bunny Hump on March 07, 2020

Safest types of materials to look for when buying sex toys

Buying sex toys can be very overwhelming. When you are thinking of acquiring a new sex toy, you think about the size, texture, shape, but most people tend to overlook the material of the sex toy, which is one of the most important things to consider. Sex toys are inserted into or applied to very sensitive parts of your bodies. When you realize this, you will get to know the importance of the materials used to make sex toys. You can be affected by jelly rubbers and chemical-laden plastics. Below are the sex toys materials and how to stay safe while using the sex toys.

Porous and Non-porous

We cannot talk about sex toys if we don’t talk about the issue of porosity. Similar to the pores in our skin that allows us to breathe and sweat, so do various materials. Porous materials have tiny holes as part of their nature, penetrating the material. When it comes to sex toys, this means that lubricants and sex fluids will penetrate the material through the pores, and no matter how much you clean them, you will not see if there are bacteria being concealed. This means that the sex toys become unhygienic and unsafe to use. You may likely experience infection and irritation, which are things that you don’t want to experience in your intimate areas.

Non-porous materials do not have these pores. This means that the sex toys made of non-porous materials do not allow lubes or sex fluids to enter and therefore keep dangers away. Non-porous sex toys keep fluids on the surface, making it easy to clean. They remain hygienic and safe.

Sex toy materials

Silicone sex toys

Silicone Dildo
Quality Silicone Dildo

Most sex toys are currently being made of silicone materials since it is soft, silky, and non-porous. The fact that it offers flexibility makes it preferred. Additionally, it is also termed as sex toy connoisseurs’ material of choice because it warms to body temperature quickly can be used to make a wide spectrum of sex toys styles and can be used by silicone and water-based lubricants. A good silicone sex toy will last longer if properly taken care of. Some companies may claim to sell silicone sex toys, but the toys are a combination of thermoplastic rubber and elastomer. These materials are somewhat porous and can be safer but can’t be sterilized completely. To ensure you get the legitimate sex toy, choose sex toys from manufacturers you trust.

Plastic sex toys

I have enjoyed different plastic sex toys. Plastic sex toys are non-porous and rigid. They can be cold when you start using them, but they warm up with time. You can use different types of lubricants. Some people like the plastic sex toys because they can be buzzy and transfer intense vibrations. You need to be careful when purchasing the plastic sex toys as there are some with jutted seams that may unsafe for you.

Metal sex toys

Metal & Silicone
Metal & Silicone Anal Plug

Metal sex toys are one of my favorite sex toys. These sex toys are hard, smooth, and can be smooth or shaped with contours to provide an exceptional penetrative experience. They can be cleaned easily, making them safe for use. Most of the metal sex toys are made of aluminum and stainless steel, but there are few made of silver or gold. With metal sex toys, you can use any type of lubricant. You can warm sex toys by dipping them in warm water. Low-quality metal sex toys can be made of nickel, tin, and many more. If you are sensitive to these materials, make sure you know the material making the sex toy before you buy one.

Glass sex toys

Glass sex toys are smooth and very beautiful. I have seen different sex toys that have a sense of art that covers it. You can use any type of lubricant as the material cannot be destroyed easily. You can use it to play temperatures and warm it similar to the metal sex toys. You may be scared to use a glass sex toy, but you need to know that they are not sharp and do not easily shatter. The glass sex toys are usually made up of borosilicate glass. You can choose to buy a toy that is dotted, rippled, or contoured to maximize your stimulation. I think you need to try the glass sex toys at least once in your life.

Stone sex toys

You may think that these sex toys are not pleasurable, but that is not true. Stone sex toys are not rough in any way. They are smooth and are made of beautiful natural and polished stones. Similar to the metal and glass sex toys, these toys can be warmed before use. Stone sex toys can also be used with any type of lubricant.

Wood sex toys

There are so many myths about using wooden sex toys. If they are well manufactured, they will not give you splinters. To maximize your pleasures, the sex toys are contoured, shaped, and safely vanished. As compared to the metals sex toys, these safe toys are lighter, making them easy to hold. Wooden sex toys are tricky because the porosity depends on the finish used. Top quality wooden sex toys are coated with the medical-grade polymer. This medical equipment resists moisture and is anti-bacterial. They can be cleaned with water and soap but since there are relatively uncommon, consult with the manufacturer of the best way to sterilize them

Cleaning your sex toys should be done

  • After purchase and
  • between anal and vaginal use.
  • If it is used in between non-fluid bonded partners
  • After use, if you have bacteria and yeast infection

There are plenty of sex toys for you to explore. Sex toys have improved tremendously in the past few years. However, you need to be sure of what you are buying. Put in mind that high quality and safe sex toys work better. You will avoid potential health effects and, most importantly, have more orgasm. Value your health and pleasure and Keep masturbation and sex safe.


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