by Stephen McConnell on January 22, 2022


We observed our weekly ‘full stop’ at Following Every Single Use of your Sex Toys with Thorough Sanitization, last week, after we had discussed at full length the science behind the term “Pervertibles”, contrasted them closely with real Sex Toys such as the ones with which our Sex Toy Online Store www.bunnyhump.comis copiously supplied, and ultimately pointed up the out-and-out safety, ease, and effectiveness which the usage of real Sex Toys affords over Pervertibles, all as a way of rounding out the very first practice which says to Know the Materials of which your Sex Toys are made.

The foregoing is a sort of ‘digest’ of the previous articles for the benefit of those who are just joining us this week or those who might have lost track of this wonderful series—and the latter is nothing outside of a remote possibility, I tell you.

3)      Employing Barrier Method with your Sex Toy

Barrier Method exists in types which include condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, and the contraceptive sponge. But of course, the most common and useful [in the case of Sex Toy] is none other than the famous [or is it notorious?] condom.

So this is what we will be handling.

Condoms... The easiness of condoms both in procurement and usage makes this point all the more endearing. It is the surefire recourse when it comes to staving off the disaster of unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Diseases [STDs]—as you must concur. And it can even step up sexual or masturbatory pleasure—as you may not concur. But you will in the end. I tell you.

Condoms have monopoly on serving equally both as a birth control method and as prevention against the contraction of Sexually Transmitted Infections [STIs] such as Human Papillomavirus [HPV], Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and so on. And since sexual interaction between Man and Sex Toy is presently impossible to require the former, we will wisely stick to the latter.

Also, condoms are very readily available in a variety of stores, family planning health centers, and on the internet. No prescription or Identity Card required. Condoms are also very cheap. They are indeed a small way to provide protection against mighty big problems like sexually transmitted infections [STIs].

When it comes to sex, safety is important, but no more than pleasure. Condoms however provide the two in equal proportions, thankfully!Condoms are made in a variety of shapes, styles, and textures designed to increase your sexual sensation. They can be used in insertion into the anus, vagina, and even mouth, so however you choose to use your sex toy, they afford you protection. And that's how condoms step up your sexual pleasure, by allowing you to give yourself up to it [the pleasure] completely with not even a single particle of concern as to STDs.

Moreover, condoms have no negative consequences on its users except in the mighty rare case of users who are allergic to latex, as in, rubber condoms. If you have Latex Allergy, then stick to condoms made from soft plastic.

A research published in November 2014 in a journal titled Sexually Transmitted Infections shows that the human papillomavirus [HPV] was found in traces on vibrators a day after they had been used and cleaned.

That's why Dr. Alyssa Dweck said:“Condoms most certainly should be used to cover phallic-shaped toys for people who are sharing toys with a partner. That is because even if you diligently clean your toys, there is still a chance of transmitting infection.”

If you want to move your sex toy from one part of your body to another during a solo sesh or if you want to use sex toys with more than one partner, you should change the condoms at every turn to avoid the dissemination of UTI-causing bacteria and transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections [STIs] respectively. If you refuse to do this, to change condoms at every time the sex toy changes bodies or body parts, then the session is as safe as without the condoms.

So bottom line is if you’d like to steer clear of Sexually Transmitted Diseases [STDs], wear your sex toy a good condom.

And using a condom with your sex toy is not in the least a tricky affair. You just get a condom and roll it on the sex toy as though you were a penis. Whether your sex toy is a dildo like Bunnyhump’s Squeezable Phallic Dildo, or a vibrator like Bunnyhump’s Zippy Silicone Rabbit Vibrator, using a condom with it will not impair its function. I tell you.

This is the third article in a continuous series projected to be published weekly. So watch out for the next article to continue enjoying!

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