No NUT November or semen retention

by Stephen McConnell on November 26, 2021
No NUT November really means the practice of semen retention, for one whole month. Not to be confused By No fap which is actually a website that offers resources and a community for people who are struggling with porn addiction. Just like this Reddit, they are essentially trying to help improve sexual wellbeing. Semen retention has been around for a long period of time and many cultures recommend or discuss semen retention as a way of self control. They believe that ejaculating was actually losing control and keeping it in. Semen retention was recommended as a way to improve health and control of your body. There are claims that say there are benefits like having increased mental clarity, increased concentration having better quality sperm increased testosterone, deeper and happier relationships and so much more. What are the proven benefits? First the definition needs to be made: not to ejaculate (no NUT) that is very distinct from not having an orgasm. Thus the purpose of No NUT November is just that. Maybe a post on Orgasm’s without nutting should follow and then maybe after that a post on types of Orgasm’s that the body can achieve. During No Nut November people will start and try to have orgasms without ejaculating during this process, like edging which is essentially the stop and start technique or to try to force retro grade ejaculation by pushing on the perineum and forcing ejaculate to go back into the bladder. People feel that this allows them to have better orgasms and potentially multiple orgasms and longer sexual stamina. Studies find that people had better sexual arousal subjectively felt like they were more aroused and had longer duration and more intense orgasms after that period of abstinence. These are all subjective, benefits. There was one small finding, which was the sense of anticipation does increase baseline levels of testosterone, after a small period of abstinence from intercourse or ejaculation, but not by much. A study that looked at men who were dropping off a semen analysis after a certain period of time during which they were abstinent and they were required to document how long that was and there were two things that they found that increase with longer absence or greater than five days of absence, and that was sperm count and semen volume. The semen volume was studied in 17 studies and out of those 17 studies 15 found a significant correlation of increasing absence time with an increase in volume and 11 studies that looked at sperm count 100% of them saw an increase in sperm count after abstinence. Thus, it is recommended to hold off for a couple days, for men who are infertile, when trying to conceive. The ideal recommendations in these instances is that you have sex every two days rather than doing it every day, because sperm parameters do increase when you have a little bit of delay time between ejaculations. About semen retention or no nut November it is mostly subjective. If you're getting benefits from participating and no nut November, like you're feeling more clear, you're having deeper relationships, You're feeling like you're more excited about being with your partner and you're getting more clarity. Then, Go ahead and do it. Not ejaculating doesn't have any harmful consequences that are documented. Your body will essentially reabsorb the semen that you don't ejaculate out and so it's not a problem if you haven't ejaculated for a certain period of time. Now Some Concerns: If you're trying to really focus on having orgasms without ejaculation. Getting very fixated on edging can be very hard to have a very meaningful relationship with a partner because you're very fixated on yourself. Here communication is the key! Hey dear let’s try edging and having orgasms without nuttin’. Other points are:
  • It can also cause a lot of stress and anxiety to go through no nut November.
  • Pain and discomfort in their pelvic floor or their testicles. A lot of you guys have heard of blue balls, during arousal, you get increased blood flow to the testicles as well as everything else. And usually that's decreased after you ejaculate. If you don't ejaculate, it means, the increased pressure stays around and can be what we perceive is or what men perceive as blue balls.
  • Sometimes it is known that men who don't masturbate or don't ejaculate, for long periods of time, can have a buildup in stress, and tension in their pelvic floor that can result in pain.
All in All, in my opinion, no fap to avoid pornography is important for sexual health! Pornography has a lot of potentially dangerous side effects. Watching porn can actually really affect your brain, (your true sexual organ), mental wellness and the way you perceive Sex, the way you have relationships with other people. Also, The Benefits to masturbation include including better sleep, decreased heart rate, decrease stress and a lot of increase and feel good hormones. The No Nut Month, well that is more subjective, if you try it, I would love to know your thoughts of benefits, or if it was for you.

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