Choosing the Best Lubricant (sex lube)

by Bunny Hump on March 13, 2020

Today we get to talk about the best lubricant. The fact is that in certain cases, sex is not always as romantic as you always see in the TV shows. It can be uncoordinated and uncomfortable and could use a backup plan, such as lube to spice it up. At times the man is ready to go in, but the woman is not yet there or may have the challenge of staying wet during the long-lasting sex.

There are different solutions to this, such as using lubricated condoms, but you will be surprised at how far the standard sex lubricants can go. For many, buying a sex lubricant can be embarrassing and downright confusing.

There are many instances where women experience moderate to severe cases of dryness during sex. This means that the vagina does not produce enough lubrication, which can cause pain and discomfort during sex, or you might feel the chafing after sex. Vaginal dryness can have common reasons, and is normal at times not enough foreplay, sex lasting too long, if you’re not into the moment or when the woman is under chemotherapy or breastfeeding. A sex lube is a liquid or gel that helps sex feel more pleasurable as you slide in and out, and it keeps the wetness more consistent over time.

The Best Lubricant

There are different sex lubes you can shop for. The most popular types include; silicone, water, oil, and natural lubes. With those there are flavored, scented, and lubes that are more liquid or thicker. So the Best Lubricant is based on how you are going to use it.

Best Lubricant for the Purpose

Yes, that’s right! There are types of lubes made for the purpose of use. Flavored or scented will help spice things up, thicker lubes are usually used for anal penetration, then you have the silicone, water, oil and natural lubes which should be varied based upon the use and what you use them with. Make sure that whatever lube you choose, it contains high-quality ingredients

Water-based sex lubricants

Water-based lubes are the most common lubricants you can find. They usually have no taste added, feel like natural lubrication and are less likely to irritate your sensitive skin. Water-based lubes do not interfere with oral sex. Your skin quickly absorbs them and this might cause the lube to dry out quicker. Therefore, they require multiple applications. Water-based lubes are compatible with both latex condoms and silicone sex toys. They are not a great choice for anal sex.

Oil-based sex lubricants

Oil-based sex lubes include olive or coconut oil. They are a good choice for people who are sensitive to chemicals, but they should be washed quickly to avoid infection. Oil-based sex lubes can provide fun for sexy massage time. The downside comes in using latex condoms. This is because sex lube increases the risk of condoms being torn or ripped. This limits the purpose of the condom. These lubes are ideal for people with one partner and do not necessarily need a lube.

Silicon-based sex lubricants

Silicon-based sex lubes last longer and has a good feeling against the skin. They feel different than other lubes because the skin does not absorb them. They are silky with no tacky residue. They are, therefore, good for anal sex and are safe to use with latex condoms.

They can also be used in water in a bathtub and shower. The downside of the silicone-based sex lubes is that water and soap are required to remove the lubes from your sheets and skin fully. You should avoid using silicone-based sex lubes with sex toys as they can degrade the silicone. The silicone sex lubes are hypoallergenic, and therefore most people will not experience a reaction.

Natural lube

If you are concerned about the ingredients you are using down there, then natural sex lubes are the best good for you. They have become popular in recent years. Although it has its drawbacks, coconut oil is the best choice when it comes to natural lubes. Therefore, you need to be careful because oils increase the risk of condom breakage.

Using the Best Lubricant for sex

If you are using a condom, apply the sex lube to the outside of the condom. Lubricant on your penis inside the condom can be good, but you certainly should not put so much of it in there. If you are in a monogamous relationship, you can skip the condom and apply the lube on the penis or vagina. Consider that lubricants are very good for foreplay.

What is the Best Lubricant for anal sex?

In most cases, thicker lubes are good to use during anal sex. The anal walls are thinner and delicate as compared to the vaginal

Best Lubricant
Customer Rated Best Lubrication for anal sex: Boy Butter Gold – 16 Oz Tub

walls. Therefore they need a sex lube that they can keep them slippery in order to minimize the risks that come with cuts and tears in the rectum. The anus does not create its own lube, so adding lube before and during anal sex is a must.

Most importantly, anal sex is deemed risky to the transmission of STI, and that is why condoms should be the way to go unless you have one partner. Additionally, it is important to use a sex lube that is latex-friendly. The anus absorbs water very quickly, and therefore using water-based lubricant means that you get dry very quickly. Therefore, silicone-based sex lubes are bet when it comes to anal sex.

Recommendations for sex scenarios

  1. Lube for Anal Play

Many people prefer silicone-based lube for any anal sex that includes penetration, as it’s thicker, silkier, and slicker than water-based formulations. It also tends to be longer-lasting.

  1. Lube for Shower Sex

Water-based lubes will wash away in the shower, so select a thicker, silicone-based lube for shower and tub play, whether solo or partnered.

  1. Lube for Sex toys

If you’re using silicone sex toys, it’s advisable to use a water-based lube, as silicone lube can lead to the deterioration of softer sex toys.

  1. Lube for Sex with Condoms

Most water-based lubes are compatible with latex, but be sure to do a little research if you aren’t sure.


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