9 Steamy Role-Play Ideas to Try with Your Partner

by Bunny Hump on December 29, 2019

Role-Play Ideas bring spice to sexual relasionships. Being in a healthy relationship is good. It means that you have a best friend, someone to lean on and above all someone to have sex with. Sleeping with one person for a long time means that you get stuck in a boring routine. Luckily, there are several ways you can spice up your sex life without going too far out of the comfort zone. One of them is exploring each other’s fantasies. Role-play is one of the best ways of flirting with each other’s sexual fantasies. You can enjoy exploring a range of possible sexual scenarios through acting and imagination. We understand that the pressure to be inventive and sexy can become too much in the heat of the moment, and you can find yourself drawing a total blank about which roles you might want to play. Here are steamy and fun role play ideas you should explore with your partner.

  1. Role-Play Idea One: The Boss and the Secretary

Sleeping with your boss can be creepy, but pretending with your partner is very consensual and hot. If your partner already wears a suit to work, that is an advantage. The next time your partner comes home from work, you can transform into a sexy secretary. All you need to is to pull off a smart but revealing suit, glasses and high heels. One of my favourite parts of this is having one giving oral sex under a desk.

  1. Doctor and patient

The doctor and the patient roles are seductive because it involves an authority figure, and can be taboo due to the nature of doctor and patient, or nurse and patent atmosphere. The most important thing is when the authoritative figure has a reason to touch you and you have a sexy nurse or doctor’s outfit. The best part of this is the examination. Get your partner to strip down to a robe and surprise them with a medical examination. Try giving your partner a physical examination and explain to them that the normal side effects of the examination are that it will make them want to have sex with you.

  1. Police officer

This is also a classic, but comes with a twist to it. Whether the criminal overpowers the cop or the sexy police officer breaks out the handcuffs, anything goes.

  1. Professor and student

Some of the most compelling fantasies are those that cannot be done in real life. Many people have that one teacher in high school or college, they have fantasized about hooking up with. This is a type of power play and it makes sense as to why it is a common fantasy for many people. You can decide who wants to be in charge and will serve as the dominant and who wants to learn and listen. This can be helpful for couples who want to work on their sex life and reach orgasm because you can play off the instructing part.

  1. Stripper

If you are secure with your seductive dancing skills, make sure your partner has enough cash to put in that G-string. If you have been to a strip club or bachelor parties, you may be disappointed because not only are the women not your type, but also it may seem insincere since you don’t know the people. That’s why role-playing that involves a stripper is a turn on. You may not be a good dancer, but all you need is some sexy lingerie and the right attitude of letting it go. You can incorporate different moves such as including warming lubricants, feathers, ice cubes and blindfolding.

  1. Massage Therapist

Massages normally turn somebody on, and including an erotic massage that takes you all the way is a real treat. There is so much you can do with your bodies apart from the actual activity. The feeling of her body rubbing against your body, the pressure on each other’s lips, feeling each other’s scents, the vibration and wetness go a long way. Your partner’s touch is the most essential and it goes beyond the bedroom to cuddling and holding hands. So you can take the role of a massage therapist and take advantage of using lubricants and oils to make it more sensual. After you finish rubbing his/her body, you can turn them over and let the magic begin. Role-Play Idea: Massage Therapist with “happy endings”.

  1. Meet for the first time

Role-playing does not have to be confined to the bedroom or the house. You can decide to meet in a bar and act like you are not familiar with each other. You can dress differently and splurge for a wig. You can come up with a different accent or different career. Go through the process of getting to know each other, make jokes and if you want to have sex right then move to the bathroom.

  1. The sexy maid

This is one of the classic role-play idea, that never goes out of style. How about you pretend to dress up as a sexy maid and the two of you make love on the couch. Set the mood by letting your partner come in and find you bent over dusting or doing something equally provocative. From there, you can pretend that you are behind your cleaning schedule and should be punished accordingly.

  1. Porn stars

The porn industry has received enormous revenue in the past few years because of people like watching other people have sex. I am sure you have wondered how you and your partner would look on camera having sex. So Role-Play idea Nine is Porn Star! You can get down and make a home movie. It can be sexy and a good way to relive your time getting sexed up as well as spend sexy time together when you are not physically with each other. You don’t need a camera; smartphones can take a pretty clear video. If you choose this way, make sure you have a safe place to store the video.

It’s limited to your imagination

The greatest part is that the limits are only between you and your partner and the imagination within. You can always mix it up even more so, with a doctor and a nurse secretly having a relationship, or a police officer became a patient in the hospital, etc. . . Have fun and explore!

Experiment with Sex Toys

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