7 Exciting Tips on Vibrators

by Bunny Hump on May 01, 2020

Many people think that vibrators and other sex toys are something that should be kept hidden at the bottom drawers, only used alone. By adding a vibrator to sex can really turn up the heat between partners. Unlike the popular belief that women are the only ones who can benefit from vibrators; both partners can!

Some vibrators are somewhat straightforward, while others come with a variety of functions. There are even vibrators that you can control through Bluetooth. Vibrators are not only for solo masturbation. There are plenty of fun ways to use them with your partner. Obviously, there are lots of things you can learn by reading on for some tips for using a vibrator.

Explore to Find the right Vibrator for You

We all have different needs, so finding the right vibrator is very important. If you have never used a vibrator before, you can go for the bullet vibrator. If you are in need of a phallic toy for vaginal penetration, there are several types of vibrating dildos on the market. Do you need a toy that you can use without anyone noticing? There are silent vibrators in the market. Do you like masturbating in the bathroom? Go for a vibrator that is waterproof. Start by writing down a list of everything you are looking for in a vibrator and then go sex toy sites like Bunny Hump and peruse the various options provided.

vibrator optionsGet in the Mood

Vibrators produce some intensity that can be uncomfortable if you try to use it before you are in the mood. So work yourself up! Explore! Depending upon you and your body, you can experiment with the vibrator on different parts of your body to see how excited you can become with those good vibes. Some may not get excited this way, so do what you do when you want to get turned on, like touching your body, or fantasize. It is important to make sure you are turned on first when it comes to using a vibrator, once you get turned on. Wait!

Don’t go to your clit just yet! Start by teasing yourself by using the vibrator on your breast and thighs, explore those vibes! The same is true with men! Explore! There are many nice sensations to feel, vibes on the scrotum, perineum, penis shaft, are just a couple. Take your time and explore! Involve your partner, play a small game: be blind folded and feel the vibes, in random places!

Get a Lube

It is always recommended to use a lube while using a vibrator. This is because using a lube increases the amount of pleasure you experience. It helps the sex toy glide against your skin instead of tugging or catching. If you are using the penetrative vibrator, you will definitely need a lube. I can recommend Toy Love by Wicked brand, which is a water-based lubricant specifically used for sex toys. You also need to read on what lubes can be used with your toy. Generally, silicone-based lubes should not be used with silicone sex toys, we have written all about it here.

Have an Orgasm

This may sound like something usual, but reaching orgasm with a vibrator may be an intense moment, especially if you are new to masturbating with sex toys or have had problems getting to orgasm in the past. Get some time alone, get super turned on and take as much time as you need to masturbate to orgasm. Get your body to relax and visualize your nastiest fantasy.

If you don’t get to orgasm, do not be pressured. Some people may not reach orgasm due to various reasons, or you may be too distracted at that time. While reaching orgasm is good, the main goal of masturbating is to explore and have pleasure. Therefore, stressing yourself about an orgasm makes it even harder. Never had an orgasm? Many find the gateway through sex toys and vibrators. As you explore and please yourself, you are drawing blood flow to you genitals. The more you do this the more likely you will begin to build sensations that build to orgasms. Read more about how to have orgasms here.

ExploreGently press the Vibrator on the Sensitive Spots

For women, clit stimulation is a pleasant way first to explore the level of vibrations of the vibrator. With a rabbit vibrator, press it on your clitoris. The clitoris is the little nub that protrudes at the top of the labia. For men, try direct stimulation on the head of your penis.

The sensitivity and anatomy differ from person to person. You may feel pleasure when you press the vibrator directly on your nerve endings (head of the penis or clit), while others may feel pleasure when it is actually at the area above the clit or on the shaft of the penis. Some find the direct touch of vibrator very intense and opt to use them over there panties. Take some time to learn yourself and what feels better. Try using the vibrator on different speeds.

Insert the toy while you rub your clit

If you have a toy that allows you to insert, use your other hand to rub your clit for dual stimulation. Use your fingers to rub the clit in a circular motion. Definitely, some vibrators can provide both penetrative and clitoral stimulation (like a rabbit vibrator). However, there are many options to explore like to use simple vibes and keep your hand in the game.

Make use of the settings

The vibrators and other sex toys are made with a whole range of different settings for different users, for timid first-timers who enjoy the gentle vibrations to those who need concrete smashing vibrations to get them to orgasm. It is worthwhile to try each speed and pattern as you will discover the sensation you never thought you could like and want.

Use your vibrator with your partner

Many women ask the question, “can I use a vibrator with a partner?” and the answer is yes! When you feel like you are familiar with the vibrator, you can integrate it into your relationship. Teach your partner how it works and how you like it used and then have them use it on you. If they are comfortable with it, ask them if you can use your vibrator on them. If your partner has a penis, try using the vibrator on their nipples, balls, or the sensitive frenulum just under the head of their penis. If it is a penetrative vibrator and you are not in a committed relationship, just make sure to use condoms on the vibrator (similar to how you use it with a penis). Here is an article from WebMD:

Vagina or Anal Penetration?

If you want to insert the vibrator anally, make sure you use vibrators that are designed for anal penetration. The vibrator should be smooth and seamless and ought to have a flared base to prevent it from slipping. Most importantly, you need to be careful with anal sex toy play, read up on it, then slowly explore.


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