6 Best Sex Positions to Use Sex Toys

by Bunny Hump on January 23, 2020

Sex is fun, Sex Positions adds more fun, and sex toys make it even better! When you want to introduce sex toys to your bedroom, you don’t want to overthink it. But there are some things that you need to consider, mainly what sex position you can use it with. Not all sex toys can be used in all sex positions. For instance, when doing a missionary position, incorporating a dildo will not work. Simply, there are good sex positions that you that are sex toy friendly. There are the best positions that give you a good position to use your gadgets. Additionally, these positions pave the way for you and your partner to access the most important spots that let you ride away with pleasure.

Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the best sex positions! Most men love doggy style because it gives a good view, most control, and above all, the deepest penetration. More than that, this sex position gives enough room for sex toys because there isn’t a lot of contact between the bodies. If your partner is a man and doesn’t last long, he can use a penis ring while a woman can use a clitoral stimulator from behind.

Spooning sex

Spooning is not all for cuddling! This position may have been invented for sex toys. While your partner is behind you engaging in a bit of rear entry, you can play with your vibrator sending you massive pressure. You can also hold out an anal sex toy and massage their anus. Spooning position ensures that access to the most important positions. There are many options to choose from in this position.

Modified Missionary

A missionary position is one of the best positions since it boosts intimacy between partners. However, the standing position is not always the best. A slightly elevated position is best for sex toys. You can slide a pillow below you and get your knees to need towards your chest and let your partner approach you and experiment with any sex toys. A clitoral vibrator can be used perfectly well in this position. A double penetration dildo and a rabbit vibrator can be used as well. You can also apply orgasm gel (lube that has stimulants) to her clitoris. The modified missionary is a treasure to experiment with any sex toy.

Sex Position: Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

Traditionally, ladies like this position because they get to ride you and take control. In this position, ladies thrust while pulling back to hit the g-spot. When you are on top, your partner could use a magic wand to stimulate you. You may use a clitoral stimulation while laying back. You can have fun by incorporating them all. It is your time; make your rules!

Sixty-nine side by side

The normal sixty-nine position may not give partners a free way to move around and explore each other with a sex toy. However, laying on your side and facing each other gives both of you a perspective of where to stimulate each other. It’s always better to give than receive —but it is nice to give and to receive. Because you have a free hand, each partner can use their device for sure.

Oral Sex

As we know, penetration is not the only way to enjoy and pleasure each other. A sex toy can be used during oral sex, or it may be simply the only event. You can talk to your partner and see what they may be interested in trying. Explore the toys together.

Well, there you go. Those are a couple of ideas to spice your sex life by incorporating sex toys into your lives. Now start the conversation and get the toy and enjoy!

On a side note use an adventurous sense of curiosity while exploring each other with toys. Will a prostate massager drive him crazy, during oral? What will drive you crazy? Explore and Go On Forever!


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