5 Ways Sex Toys Build Intimacy

by Bunny Hump on December 21, 2019

The societies attitude is currently becoming positive on subjects like sex toys, sex and pleasures. Thus, sex toys are making their way into our bedrooms. Truly, sex doesn’t have to be boring. So whether you want to rekindle the intimacy with your partner or are dating someone new and want to form that connection, sex toys are the best way to go. Avoiding sex toys and sticking to the same old routines is not going to give you that emotional and physical intimacy you are looking for. Although sex toys and bedroom products cannot fix serious, deep-rooted relationship issues, using sex toys together can result in an exciting and enjoyable adventure, there are even sex toy kits for couples, to help you explore. Whether you are looking for something romantic or naughty, here are 5 ways that sex toys can build and increase your physical and emotional intimacy.

1.Sex toys help you discover new features about each other

Incorporating sex toys in your bedroom can surprise you at how much you will learn about your partner’s body. Perhaps they love clitoral stimulation, but vaginal stimulation not so much. Maybe he adores being touched and stimulated round his perineum, and even further, the beginnings of anal pleasure. Does she have super sensitive nipples? Maybe he’s always wanted more attention on his testicles. A couple’s massage or bullet vibrator can put the power of stimulating discovery in your hands. Make sure there’s no pressure from either side, start with a relaxed environment of exploration and discovery, and see where your new adventure leads.

2.Sex toys take the pressure off both partners

Performance anxiety is not something new during intimacy. Many men feel under enormous pressure to ‘perform’ in the bedroom. This isn’t healthy for a relationship, as there will be times when your body isn’t in the mood, even though your partner is ready for some action. Using sex toys takes the pressure off the guy. He knows that his partner is guaranteed satisfaction, even if he is tired or not feeling it. For a lot of men, this adds an extra layer of enjoyment to sex. It frees them up to be a bit more selfish in bed because they don’t have to spend a long time helping their partner achieve an orgasm, and if they climax too soon, it’s OK, she won’t be upset.

3.Sex toys can help with bedroom confidence

We cannot all be Casanovas. It is normal to feel nervous about whether your partner is satisfied or not in the bedroom. This is obvious when you find that you have some difficulties when it comes to sex. It may feel like you are the only one who has difficulty in reaching orgasm, the difficulty of becoming aroused, maintaining an erection, or premature ejaculation, but these issues are common among different people. May not at all times, but I would wager that some of you are reading this have experienced one difficulty of another. Using rabbit vibrators or magic wand vibrators can help in clitoral stimulation. Sex toys are designed to help the common sexual difficulties. For instance, cock rings help maintain an erection by temporarily trapping the blood flow. Using condoms can also delay your orgasm while still providing your partner with the pleasure they need.

4.Sex toys could be key to your long-time fantasies

Let’s not pretend! We all have fantasies. Most of the sexually active adults hold at least one fantasy. Props help bring that sexy role-play atmosphere, from nurse costume or a schoolgirl outfit to spanking paddle or handcuffs. If you have the fantasy of anal sex, it could be the right time to start shopping for beginner’s strap on harness and compatible beginners pegging dildo.

5.Sex toys help keep the passion alive

After being together for several years, it is natural for intimacy to start fading away. The problem is that when you disconnect from your bedroom, the rest of the relationship is in jeopardy. The good thing is that there are numerous ways that you can keep that passion alive. If you are feeling less disconnected from your partner, it is time to shake things up. Different selections of bondage sex toys could turn your sex life from normal to extra. If you decide that bondage is not your thing, you could try to role-play.

Keep and spice up your sex life by including sex toys in your bedroom. If your partner is not for the idea, have a conversation about sex toys or watch movies like Fifty Shades of Grey. As far as both partners are happy with the decision, the sex toys can guarantee a happy and satisfying ending for both of you.

Experiment with Sex Toys

There is such a diversity of toys that can be experimented with that it is encouraged in almost all healthy sexual relationships. With the open communication all is possible, but toys can bring greater pleasure for both of you. Go to an adult toy store or if you desire to be a bit more discrete visit our online store and read up on the toys. If the description doesn’t answer your questions you can always Google more information or email mail us at we will gladly answer your product questions, and might even have ideas on better toys to try. Just starting out a simple vibrating cock ring could be the simplest answer, and we have already suggested clit vibes, so take a few moments and simply look through the selection. The truth is, no matter the size, creativity and being willing to experiment, are the base of pleasuring each other. You can use a penis extender or penetrate your partner with a vibrator. You can also experiment with double penetration. Other than that, find ways that make you and your partner enjoy, the time spent together.


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