5 Great tips on Dildo's

by Bunny Hump on May 15, 2020

Dildos are one of the most widely owned and used sex toys in the market. Dildos are versatile. This means that they can bring pleasure to you and your partner in so many different ways, and every single one of those ways is completely valid.The best way to use dildo is, simply using it in anyway, which gets you off and makes you feel good. Whether you are a certified dildo enthusiast or on the brink of buying your very first one, read on for what you need to know on how to use a dildo.

Dildo Size

Like penises, dildos come in different sizes and shapes. The most important thing is selecting the one the suits your needs and desires. If you are a newbie, you should consider purchasing a small dildo before going any further. A smaller dildo will allow you to experiment, and get experiancne with it. This teachs what you like in a dildo, for your next purchase. In most cases, small dildo would be less than 5 inches in length. Many ladies prefer a dildo that is 6 inches long. That is much longer than the average male size, which is about 5.2 inches long.

Remember that the most sensitive nerve endings of a vagina are normally 2-3 inches inside. If you are a size queen, you can always opt for a larger 6-8-inch dildo to give you that filled-up feeling and really hammer yourself deep during play. If you have a plan for using it for anal stimulation, find a shape that is wider at the base and narrow at the end.

With size alone there is a lot to consider, width, lenth, and there is also textures and shapes. These options really depend upon your desires and use. If you have a partner that has an enjoyable size, there are even kits to make one from his likeness. Check that out here.

Material is Important

Unlike penises, dildos come in different materials. Dildos may seem expensive, but it is worth investing in the best quality dildo because it will last longer in the end. A body-safe dildo is the best since it’s non-porous and easiest to clean. If you are looking for something that has a sense of fine art and feels extremely smooth, or you are into temperature play, you can also buy a metal dildo or glass. You may choose a dildo with ridges or smooth shaft. I would recommend you to go to the store and select the shapes and textures. Follow your instinct as to what you are drawn to. More on safe materials read here.

Lube it up

You can use a dildo during partnered sex or masturbation. In both cases, use a lube. Even if you have a slick dildo, lubrication will make it slicker and help increase your arousal, whether you are solo or with someone.

Keep it Clean

Silicone dildos have the added bonus of easy cleaning because you can just throw them in boiling water for a few minutes and they are clean to use. However, plastic, metal, glass, skin-safe rubber dildos can be washed with warm ware and mild unscented soap. No matter the material, ensure that that the dildo is dried thoroughly before putting it away to avoid mold. Here is a WebMD article on cleaning sex toys!

Start Slow

Before you insert the dildo, see what it feels like when you rub it on the outside of your body. The greater the arousal before penitration, the better the orgasm! Use it to massage and stimulate your external genitalia first (either the vulva and labia or the anus). Think of it as if you’re teasing yourself, building up to the penetration. Once you begin to penetrate yourself with the dildo, be sure to start slow. Notice how it feels, and how it’s different than using your own or someone else’s body parts for penetration.

Explore Your Depths

If you are playing with a long dildo, deep penetration can be pleasurable or painful. If you have a long one, it’s possible to bump the end of the dildo against your cervix, and this can be painful. If you’re feeling pain, stop what you’re doing and start slow again. You can adjust the length of your dildo simply by holding it around the shaft rather than right at the base. If your dildo is long enough, it might allow for deeper penetration, and this may be very pleasurable. Experiment with different angles of insertion, and you might find some spots more pleasurable than others. You can also experiment with different sex positions to change the feel of the penetration.

Add Clitoral Stimulation

If you’ve got a clitoris handy, you might find that adding clitoral stimulation while using a dildo changes the way the penetration feels. Many women enjoy simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation, and while this may require some coordination, the effort is usually worth it. You can also use a vibrator for clitoral stimulation while using a dildo.

Hot dildo techniques to try

Thrusting Downward

Even if you have a straight, simple dildo, you can still play with angles. Try thrusting down. This rocks the base of the dildo near your clitoris, which can provide earth-shattering stimulation for some people.

Thrusting Upward

The opposite way to thrust is upward, with the tip of the dildo pointed at the front side of your body if you’re lying on your back. This way, you’ll be thrusting against the G-spot, a super-sensitive area that many people find very orgasmic. If you’re not into intense stimulation here, gentle rocking motion with a curved dildo can feel amazing as well.

Do the Twist

As we mentioned, the vaginal opening has tons of sensitive nerve endings. Twisting a dildo around can help stimulate that area, especially if the dildo you’re using has some texture.

Double Up Dildo King Cock

If you’re into anal play, inserting an anal plug (or another dildo!) anally can really up the pleasure of using a dildo vaginally. Essentially, the insertion of an anal toy puts internal pressure on the vaginal canal, making it tighter and more sensitive to whatever motions you’re making with that dildo.

In conclusion

These are just a few tips to help you get started on your dildo journey. But we are all different. So get the dildo and the technique that suits you and play. Enjoy!


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