4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Intimacy with Your Partner

by Bunny Hump on December 13, 2020

Are you in a serious relationship? If so, you likely love your partner, right? Despite a deep and intense love for your partner, you may still want to see an improvement in your intimacy. After all, who doesn’t want good sex?

If you want to improve your intimacy within your relationship, it is important to know that you have a number of different options. Unfortunately, many men automatically start to think of the bedroom. Yes, you do want to “wow,” each other in the bedroom, but that is not all that sex and intimacy is about. In fact, that is where many marriages go wrong. Too much focus is placed on the sex or the lack of it.

To help you properly improve your intimacy within your relationship, please continue reading on. A few easy to implement, yet successful approaches are highlighted below for your convenience.

1 – Date Night

How long have you been together? If you have been married for a number of years now, do you honestly remember when your last “real,” date was? Unfortunately, many underestimate the power of a date. You will not want to make this mistake. If you opt just for the sex, your partner may start to feel like it is their responsibility to please you and this is not how a relationship should work.

To not only improve your satisfaction in the bed, but to improve your partner’s satisfaction, take her out on a date. Many times, getting out of the house is enough to bring new excitement into a relationship. For the best level of success, choose a romantic date theme, such as a fancy dinner, a romantic movie, or a night at a nice hotel, or choose a favorite activity of your partners, hiking, walking on the beach. The key is to spend quality time with each other.

2 – Compliments:

Leads to Intimacy

When is the last time that you have paid your partner a truly nice and unique compliment? If it has been a while, it is time for you to start again. Are they wearing a new outfit? Have they recently started a weight loss plan? New hair cut? If so, be sure to compliment. Complimenting your partner on their appearance will increase their self-confidence. This, in turn, can improve experiences in the bedroom.

As important as it is to compliment your partner on their appearance, it is also important to remember to compliment them on other areas of your relationship. Do you notice that the house is clean? Did they prepared a nice dinner? If so, thank them for the job well done. This will not only help to improve your relationship in general, but it can have an impact on your experiences in the bedroom.

Intimate Massage
Intimate Massage

3 – Seduce Them

What is sex like in your home? Does it occur like clockwork? Do you actually take the time to ask your partner if they want to have sex? If so, try to refrain from doing so. Yes, you may be rejected, due to a headache or being tired, but why not take the chance? Be spontaneous. Seduce your partner. Make them want to have sex with you. 6 Best Sex Positions to Use Sex Toys

4 – Fulfill Their Fantasies

This Can Be Very Intimate

In keeping with seducing your partner, let them know that you want to fulfill their fantasies. It may take your partner a few times to open up about what they like or fantasize about sexually, but the information will likely come out soon. Give it your all to fulfill their sexual fantasies. It is also important to note that afterwards is the perfect time to share your fantasies and sexual desires with your wife. In end, you may all end up being much more pleased.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can go about improving the intimacy in your relationship. Please remember, however, that you want to get started in someplace other than the bedroom. Sex in a marriage is about more and should be more than just the act itself. The brain is the largest sex organ, entice it, get your partner thinking about being intimate. Taking the time to date and compliment your partner will more than pay off in the end. Be Adventurous. Go On Forever!


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