10 of the Best Types of Female Orgasms

by Bunny Hump on April 16, 2020

Most women have their first orgasm between the ages of 18-24. If you don’t fall on that age bracket, that is okay. The fun fact is that there are so many different types of orgasm that women experience. It is not only important to talk about how great an orgasm is but how many types we are capable of having. If you have not experienced an orgasm, you are not alone, but don’t give up hope! Get adventurous, and see if you can check off these eleven types of orgasms to have. It is time to explore the other body parts of your body that can make you all quaky in all the right ways. Below are 11 types of orgasms that women experience.

1. Clitoral orgasms
The clitoris is the go-to spot for many women when they want to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. The clitoris is one of the fascinating parts of the female body. For some women, a clitoral stimulation during foreplay is all they need to get them over the edge. In contrast, other women need more warm-up before a clitoral orgasm. You can try oral licking and sucking the clit, use a clit vibe, or other sex toys to keep the clitoris involved.

2. Nipple orgasms

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You probably know what and where the nipples are, but one thing that may be new for you is that some people can get an orgasm primarily for the stimulation of the nipples. The nipples contain numerous nerve endings, and, for most people, a simple touch is a turn-on. When the nipples are touched, oxytocin is released, which causes the same uterine and vaginal contractions connected with orgasm. Some people may find it feels good to have a partner breathe on, lick, suck, or pinch the nipples: This is all subjective, so it is a matter of playing around to determine what feels best for you. A simple touch may be best for breast action: gentle boob cupping while stimulating the nipples with a tongue, vibrator or even a clit vibrator, rather than full-on grabbing.

3. Vaginal (G-spot) orgasm
The G – spot is well known, but less common among women. It is estimated that about 20% of the women experience orgasm through vaginal penetration. Vaginal stimulation mainly occurs through the intentional stimulation of the vagina. During this process, the clitoris or other body parts may be simulated accidentally, to have a G-spot orgasm, there would be no intentional stimulation of other body parts. The best way to experience the G-spot orgasm is to locate the spongy area that is on the front wall of the vagina and apply some sort of pressure. Two great sexual positions that can make way for vaginal orgasms are the cow girl and doggy style. Women who experience this type of orgasm may also be more likely to experience multiple orgasms.

4. Anal orgasm
Anal or butt orgasms are more easily achieved than you think. If you are skeptical, then let me clear it up for you. For most women, anal sex is fantastic! The anal walls are rich in nerve endings that can build up the feelings of pleasure. The anus is close to the clitoris and the vagina which means they are connected by a thin stretch of tissue called the perineum. They share numerous muscles and nerves. If you want to try it, you need to use a lubricant and slowly work your way around before penetration. Anal penetration ought to be slow, mainly if you are new to the sensation.

5. Blended orgasm
Blended orgasm is a term that refers to a delightful occurrence of having more than one type of orgasm — such as vaginal and clitoral orgasm — at the same time. I can describe the feeling as power! The more the stimulation there is the more blood flow will result. You can also experience the blended orgasm by stimulating your G-spot and nipples. These orgasms most of the time take practice, and a sense of adventure, so don’t get discouraged, get adventurous!

6. Multiple orgasms
Multiple orgasms come in two ways: sequential (one after another with rest time in between) and serial (one after another). Multiple orgasms are one type of orgasms that most women would want to experience and if you can get them blended that that is a jackpot. Enticing your body to have multiple orgasms will definitely require some down time for self-exploration. You have to know your body crazy well to reach that level of professional orgasming, so that’s why you should never give up and try over and over and over again.

7. Cervical orgasm

Cervical orgasm has a lot to do with how turn on you are. As you become aroused the more your muscle tighten, moving the cervix. Which brings the deep climax of this orgasm.

The cervix is commonly known for bringing babies into this world, but is also getting a lot of attention as a pleasure zone. If you are a fond of deep penetrative sex, then cervix orgasm is for you. Cervical orgasm occurs due to deep penetrative sex, as the penis or sex toy taps the opening cervix. You’ll need to build up to this and be fully aroused, and be careful to avoid cervical bruising. Doggy style helps to ensure deep thrusts. If you’re experiencing any pain in your hopes of achieving a cervical orgasm, explore more and become more aroused, if this doesn’t work then layoff and try something else. There’s no sense in hurting yourself in the process.

8. Mental orgasm
Mental orgasms happen because of stimulation of your biggest sex organ: your brain. These orgasms are brought in via intimate thoughts and exploratory fantasies nestled deep within your mind. Mental orgasm is not an anomaly. Research shows that although the numbers are small, women are capable of thinking their way to orgasm.

9. Urethra orgasm
It may seem strange that the part of your body where your urine comes out could be stimulated, but it can! So when your urethra or “U-spot” is stimulated, blood rushes to the opening and fluid within the Skene’s glands begins its production. That fluid is what’s released when a woman squirts while having an orgasm. Although you can get urethra vibrators, you can also stimulate the area externally by using the standard clitoral vibrators.

10. Kissing Orgasm
As weird as this seems, you can legitimately have an orgasm just from kissing or from going down on someone else. It all depends on how sensitive your tongue and mouth is, but some women find that the sensation can travel from their tongues down their own bodies and give them legitimate orgasms. It just takes a lot of focus and attention to every sensation you’re feeling.

In conclusion, the body and its exploration of the different zones can and will open new worlds of pleasure to you. From feathers, to sex toys, there are soo many sensations that can generate pure pleasure. You will never know about these pleasures until you explore. So be adventurous, and Go on Forever!


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