10 Ways to Make Him Addicted to You

by Bunny Hump on February 06, 2020

Him Addicted to You is just a step past making him happy! In contrast to the common misconception, making a man happy in bed is far much simpler. As a woman, you will always want to keep the fire burning. The main tip is to make sure that he notices your habit that he doesn’t want to stay away from. You will need to learn how to make him addicted to you and not wander. I am going to give you a magic bullet that will leave your man sexually addicted to you.

  1. Take control/ Be a boss

Does it sound like a cliché? No, it is not. Many men don’t mind little instructions if it gets you pleasured. A man wants a woman who can tell him what to do, in the bedroom. Tell him to lie down and use a necktie, scarf, or handcuffs to tether his hands so that he does not touch you. If you are not into these, you can hold down his hands and tease him. This will create anticipation when he strains to touch you. After he pleads his case, let him make love to you. This will leave him wanting more.

  1. Praise him

We normally think that only women need a little encouragement, but also men are insecure.There are so many men who are insecure about some parts of their bodies or their weight, and this may affect their sexual activity. It is helpful to complement him inside and outside the bedroom. Imagine how it feels when your partner tells you how sexy you are! Tell him how much you love him and how you love and enjoy his sexual moves.

  1. Talk Dirty to Him to make Him Addicted to You

This works for most guys! Sighing and moaning are important, but a dirty dialogue goes beyond. It may not be liked by all men, but most men get turned on with this. Men want a lady, but a freak in bed. Dirty talk is a fun way to turn your man on psychologically because most men are attracted by women who are uninhibited sexually. Tell him what you want him to do for you and what you are going to do to him. Some may be hesitant, but they will open up sooner or later. Vary to talk, some guys like dirty, some guys, like moaning, and some guys like directive talking (oh yeah right there, oh lick me! etc…), experiment, when you get results you will know it!

  1. Slip into a lingerie
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You want to make him happy in bed, start with sexy lingerie. It is not a secret that a woman’s lingerie can attract a man in bed so quickly. It infuses more attitude, and it is more than sexual. It gives you more by getting you closer to each other and arouses you. You will be surprised at how glued he will be to you while seeing your flimsy finest lingerie. The sexy attire is a good way to start, but you can spice it up with some teasing lines. You can take it to the next level or keep things at that point. Cuddling and sexy lingerie can also be a good bonding moment.

  1. A massage
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Who doesn’t like a good massage! It is relaxing and sensual, and it works both ways, but men love it the most. Touching every body part normally leads to something fun. A head massage or a full body massage will make him relax. Massage any body part that you know he can react to. Within minutes you will see his sensual glow. This tip may be underrated! I dare you to try! Among the best thing to do to your man in bed, massaging him is the most romantic.

  1. Don’t forget the fingers

Men are visual creatures, and they get turned on when with what they see. Suck his fingers seductively and slowly while looking into his eyes. Similar to the nerves of the ears, the nerves in the fingers normally go unnoticed. This move will give him goosebumps because the fingers are sensitive. This action will open the way for a crazy sexual encounter and keep him happy.

  1. Surprise with a new position

To reduce monotony in bed, look for new positions to try out with him. Men will always be wanting to try new positions. There are so many angles you can learn and try out. Some may be hard for your bodies to try out, but you can figure out which ones your bodies can be comfortable with. Introducing new positions once in a while makes him realize the effort you are putting into lovemaking. You can take control or let him be in charge of the position. There is no harm in trying new things, so kiss passionately and enjoy the moment

  1. Let him watch you get naughty

This one is among the best sex tips on how to drive him crazy. If you have the potential to do it in front of him, nothing is more arousing and more satisfying. What do men want in bed? Visual stimulations. Visual stimulations do wonders with men. They love it when women are open and bold. Doing it right in front of him shows how much you trust him. If you want him to go crazy for you, do not let him touch you or kiss you during the session. Just keep going and watch him go mad for you.

  1. Be his dream girl

Communication is key in any relationship. In this case, learn about his sexual desire and fantasies and try turning them into reality. If it is something you can do, it will blow his mind. Don’t judge him; we all have fantasies that we wish we could explore.

  1. Clean up for your man

Men will always be delighted with you every time you are around and you keep yourself clean. More cuddles lead to sex which means that you need to learn to groove yourself. It goes a long way in making your intimate life happy.


It is not hard to make a man happy. As long as you are confident, fun and open to trying new things, it is easy. Don’t forget that the act of lovemaking is two-way traffic. Both of you have to be willing to work together. Keep the above tips in mind and practice safe sex.


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