Butt Plugs: 7 Important Facts

butt plugs

If you are not familiar with the fun in butt plugs, let me introduce you to these versatile sex toys that you can enjoy respective of gender, genitalia and orientation. Butt plugs can create pleasurable pressure on the perineum and the inner muscle wall. Not to mention that the anus is also surrounded by numerous […]

A Quick Female Sex Toy Guide

Sex Toys

There’s no doubt sex toys are much more widely accepted today than before. The idea is to get sex toys on every bedside drawer and taking shame out of sex. Purchasing your first sex toy can be not only exciting but frustrating and intimidating. I know about this basing on my experience a couple of years […]

5 Great tips on Dildo’s


Dildos are one of the most widely owned and used sex toys in the market. Dildos are versatile. This means that they can bring pleasure to you and your partner in so many different ways, and every single one of those ways is completely valid.The best way to use dildo is, simply using it in […]

9 Tips for the Best Long-Distance Relationships

long distance relationship

With the increased connection of the mobile world, we have opportunities to build relationships and meet people all over the world. With these opportunities, there are high chances of finding love sometimes hundreds and thousands of miles away. Long-distance relationships used to be anomaly often happening later in an established couple. Connecting with the person […]

7 Exciting Tips on Vibrators

Vibrators of all types

Many people think that vibrators and other sex toys are something that should be kept hidden at the bottom drawers, only used alone. By adding a vibrator to sex can really turn up the heat between partners. Unlike the popular belief that women are the only ones who can benefit from vibrators; both partners can! […]

6 Exercises that will make You Better in Bed

Sexual Exercise

There are many ways to make you good in bed, exercising is one of the best ways. One of the best exercises is to have sex. The more you have sex, the better you get, considering you communicate with your partner and are open to try new things. Another important thing is exercising certain muscles […]

10 of the Best Types of Female Orgasms


Most women have their first orgasm between the ages of 18-24. If you don’t fall on that age bracket, that is okay. The fun fact is that there are so many different types of orgasm that women experience. It is not only important to talk about how great an orgasm is but how many types […]

Rabbit Vibrators a Perfect Vibrator!

perfect vibrator

The Rabbit Vibrator is one of the most popular toys; many claim it is the perfect vibrator! Why so popular? The main reason is that this vibe can perform the same functions as, multiple different sex toys. The Rabbit is guaranteed to be one of the most talented lovers you’ve ever had in bed. Perfect […]

Choosing the Best Lubricant (sex lube)

Today we get to talk about the best lubricant. The fact is that in certain cases, sex is not always as romantic as you always see in the TV shows. It can be uncoordinated and uncomfortable and could use a backup plan, such as lube to spice it up. At times the man is ready […]

Safest Sex Toys: 6 of the Best Types of Materials to Look For

Sex Toys

Safest types of materials to look for when buying sex toys Buying sex toys can be very overwhelming. When you are thinking of acquiring a new sex toy, you think about the size, texture, shape, but most people tend to overlook the material of the sex toy, which is one of the most important things […]

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